Stoelberg Foundation

“Pain of manhood eased by new devise — Circumfort”

This week’s WCW is the Overall winner at this year’s Township Entrepreneurship Awards which took place on the
18th of August 2018 in the City of Ekurhuleni. Stoelbag Foundation Pty Ltd is a company that is responsible for the
invention and manufacturing of the medical service device that is designed to optimize wound care after circumcision
procedure, known as Circumfort. The South African government is on a massive drive to reduce HIV infection by
encouraging young men to get circumcised. Circumcision is often a painful procedure which can take weeks to heal,
hence the entities innovative Circumfort devise.

Circumfort is the only device designed to keep the penis in the required upright position allowing for minimal disturbance
which provide full support resulting in a speedy recovery. Within the competitive landscape Circumfort is the only
product that addresses all wound care requirements, which are: Hygiene, Stability, Comfort, Elasticity, Affordability
and Healing Time. Circumfort is made out of a Hygienic white foam bracing with grey-brush back end, washable
and adjustable elastic waist belt as well as disposable hygiene fluid absorbing gel pad. The entity started with only
3 employees and currently employees 9 people, 7 full and 2 part-time employees. The entities annual turnover has
increased from RI 20 000.00 annually to a whopping R690 000.00 annually.