Vision & mission

Our Vision

A responsive and impactful propeller for sustainable business enterprises in the Gauteng Province.

Our Mission

  • Establishing a high performing professional, ethical and capable Institution;
  • Promoting entrepreneurship and facilitating an integrated approach to entrepreneurial development and support within the Province;
  • Creating Strategic Partnerships with a range of Institutions for sustainable small enterprises and Cooperative development and support;
  • Developing innovative financial solutions, tools and channels to speedup increased market participation In the provision of affordable finance;
  • Facilitating investment In high-impact business enterprises that transform the structure and competitiveness of Industrial sectors.


  • Motivation – Passion for excellence in delivering quality services to Gauteng entrepreneurs.
  • Ownership – Accountability, honesty and integrity displayed by management and employees in all stakeholder Interactions.
  • Ubuntu – Compassion, respect and dignity to be central In collaborations with other institutions to make a meaningful impact In small businesses.
  • Diversity – Recognising that it takes people from different backgrounds to make an organisation succeed.
  • Ethical Leadership – Demonstrating ethical leadership consistently to ensure the organisation is managed according to the code of ethics and led effectively.
  • Dependable – Customer centricity, responsiveness and striving to provide excellent client experiences.