Eco wash project

The GDED together with GEP embarked upon a sustainable job creation initiative, aimed at curbing the surge of unemployed in the country as per the TMR mandate. The objective of the project is to facilitate training to unemployed youth, women and people with disabilities and to set up sustainable car washes in Gauteng.

The initiative will supply and rollout the Eco Wash Equipment as part of the “Township Economic Revival” Plan and Job Creation Initiative at Townships within Municipalities throughout Gauteng. The advantage of this project is to formalise the car washes and let them be integrated in the formal economy.

The pilot phase targeted 20 car wash entrepreneurs throughout the 5 corridors of the province and the potential of 40 jobs to be created as from December 2015. The core objectives of the project are as follows:

  • Skills Development
  • Enterprise Development Support
  • Entrepreneurship Development

To date 17 car wash operators have been formally registered as businesses and received their MDU (Mobile Dispensing Unit) as well as the training certificates.