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To be considered for financial support, businesses need to submit all the standard mandatory documents such as CIPC registration; tax clearance; FICA requirements; company profiles and management profiles. Businesses also need to submit a business plan (GEP will assist in the development where applicable within GEP’s qualification processes) where funding is for start-up, expansion and franchise purposes. For contract finance, a business plan is not required. The viability assessment of contract financing is based on the actual contract or purchase order. Business plans are not required for micro-finance applications below R50 000. All products under financial support will be assessed and funded based on assessment report.

Our financial support offerings include:


Start-up Finance

Start-up Finance Programme is dedicated to helping SMME’s and cooperatives to secure the finances they need to jump start your business.


Contract Finance

This type of loan caters for entrepreneurs and SMMEs who secure contracts from government departments, public entities and private sector companies.


Franchise Finance

GEP Franchise Finance Programme assists with funding to acquire a new or existing franchise, as well as the much needed working capital.


Growth & Expansion Finance

This programme assist viable existing businesses looking to expand their operations by securing additional capital.



The Micro-finance Loan Programme offers co-operatives, micro, very small and small businesses, access to much needed finance. The programme is specifically geared towards start-ups and existing businesses who demonstrate growth potential and contribute to the broader economic objective of job creation and poverty eradication.



GEP may also provide sponsorship to organisations that promote the economic participation of women, youth and people with disabilities.