The Gauteng Enterprise Propeller (GEP) is a provincial government agency established under the auspices of the Department of Economic Development (GDED) to provide unique, tailored financial and non-financial services that enable SMME’s and Co-ops to become active participants in Gauteng’s mainstream economy. As a member, you will help create a consensus voice and a common vision for continual advancement in growing the economy of Gauteng. The benefits of being a member will enable you to:

Network with thousands of members and industry professionals in Gauteng.
Get involved locally through GEP’s programs.
Strengthen your knowledge base and obtain practical information at GEP’s workshops, conferences, pitching sessions etc.
Collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs as well as industry experts.
Stay informed about GEP’s upcoming initiatives
Connect and communicate with industry experts as well as obtain access to market.

GEP’s Membership
Being a GEP member will enable entrepreneurs to deepen their existing business relationships as well as forge new contacts regularly.