Why are online tube websites free? They are free because the people that own those websites get paid a lot of money for each one of their views. A commercial company does not care how many views that their commercial has, all that matters is the money that they will make from those clicks. In essence, they are only looking to pay you to watch their videos and other content. And I have to say that those commercial companies on those tube websites do a great job at finding those clicks. Because you can actually click on these links and see the videos for yourself and you can decide if you want to watch them or not.

Online tube websites are very popular because advertisers know that their ads will appear on your tube pages. The more times that your ad shows up on your tube page, the more money that you are going to make. So don’t be afraid to put an ad on your tube page because it will not cost you anything. It is just a way of you and potentially others to earn some extra money online.

Online tube websites have been growing in popularity as more individuals get involved with using the internet. People want to be able to find what they want when they want it quickly and easily. This allows the tube sites to do just that. They are making their contents available so that everyone has access to it.