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Handholding Process

GEP works with qualifying entrepreneurs over a period of time to prepare them for sustainability over the years. The handholding approach intends to create sustainable and productive SMME’s that would add value to the Gross Domestic Product of Gauteng and to a greater extent, South Africa. The following services have been introduced:

SMME and Cooperative Eco-System Centres

SMMEs and Cooperative Eco-System Centres refer to an Integrated Entrepreneurship Value Chain Model which consists of interventions geared towards all stages of the SMME’s business life cycle. Among others, the business life cycle will entail project identification in line with priority sectors, technical interventions, business development interventions, including access to markets.

Project preparation

Project preparation involves pre-funding interventions. In line with the handholding process, GEP would focus on assisting SMMEs and Cooperatives with project preparation. This will entail further development of a business plan, business assessments, matching of funding needs, feasibility, due diligence, market and competitor analysis, as well as business pitching. The stages of project preparation will serve as a catalyst in developing their full potential as we shift towards production (manufacturing).

SMME and Co-Op Ombudsman

Provides SMME’s and co-ops with independent investigative, arbitration and negotiation support for situations where they experience unfair treatment and injustices that directly affect the growth and sustainability of their businesses. The services of SMME’s and Co-operatives Ombudsman are available at the Department of Economic Development Consumer Court.

Oversight Bodies

A Sector Advisory panel of experts will develop and capacitate SMME’s and Cooperatives to become sustainable and competitive businesses. The sector specific approach would assist in stimulating the ailing sectors and assist in
creating manufacturers. This will in turn move a number of SMME’s operating within the distribution and services space to productive and decent employment. This is part of GEP’s handholding approach to produce sustainable and productive SMME’s and co-operatives.

A radical socio-economic transformation requires co-operative governance anchored by a developmental government in all spheres.