Location: 240 Khayalethu, Khutsong Location, Carletonville
Corridor: West Rand
Sector: Clothing and Retail

Azishenism Culture is a clothing design and retail business based in Khutsong. The brand highlights the rich history of South Africa in expressing the voice of the youth in fashion. The company has two (2) stores in Khutsong and offers clothing and textile services which include crafting of leather bags, shoes, belts and clothing printing.


The business location was the biggest challenge, as the township people in the area rely mostly on mining for employment. With most mines being closed, unemployment rate in the area has increased which impacts on sales.


In 2018, the entrepreneur won a prize in the GEP Fashion and Textile Pitching Booster, as well as the Township Entrepreneurship Awards within the people in disability category.


Following the programmes, the business expanded with an additional shop in Khutsong, and purchased equipment to assist with faster production. It further managed to purchase a van which assists in travelling to various exhibitions and markets in the province, the business experienced an increase in turnover. In addition, the prize money from the Township Entrepreneurship Awards and Pitching Boosters was channeled
towards a two-year certificate course in Fashion Design.

The staff complement increased from two (2) temporary staff to four (4) permanent employees. Business plans are in place for the recruitment of two (2) additional employees to assist with the designing of clothing.