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About Us

The Gauteng Enterprise Propeller (GEP) is a provincial government agency established in 2005 under the auspices of the Department of Economic Development to provide non-financial support; financial support; and co-ordinate stakeholders for the benefit of Small Medium and Micro Entrepreneurs (SMME’s) in Gauteng.

The Provincial Government’s decision to establish GEP as an agency that will support the establishment, growth and sustainability of SMME’s in the Province was informed by two key strategic objectives:

  •   Commitment to halving poverty and unemployment in the country
  •   Ensuring increased and meaningful participation of SMME’s and BBBEE in mainstream economic activities

The province recognises that SMMEs have a valuable role to play in addressing the afore-mentioned objectives and can – directly and indirectly:

  •   Contribute to the Province’s and country’s GDP
  •   Create some long-term sustainable jobs
  •   Ensure transformation in terms of the representivity of the economic sector as a whole and contribute to a reduction of poverty

The establishment of GEP must be understood within this context. GEP is a flagship initiative of GPG, and has been identified as one of the strategic levers in the Province’s Growth and Development Strategy.

GEP is a provincial public entity as defined in section 1 of the Public Finance Management Act and its regulations applicable to provincial public entities. The objectives of GEP are to:

  •   Promote, foster and develop small enterprises in Gauteng
  •   Implement the policy of the Gauteng Provincial Government for small enterprise development
  •   Design and implement small enterprise development support programmes within Gauteng
  •   Establish and promote a support network in order to increase the contribution of small enterprises to the Gauteng economy
  •   Promote economic growth, job creation and equity
  •   Integrate all government-funded small enterprise support agencies in Gauteng
  •   Strengthen the capacity of service providers to assist small enterprises to compete successfully domestically and internationally
  •   Promote the access of information in terms of section 14 of The Promotion of access to Info Act (PAIA)


The primary mechanisms, by which GEP may achieve its objectives, are:

  •   Provide financial and non-financial support to SMME
  •   Provide a one-stop service to entrepreneurs
  •   Facilitate SMMEs from the second economy participating in mainstream economy
  •   Increase the sustainability and profitability of SMME’s
  •   Enhance SMME contribution to GDP, equity and employment in the Province


GEP’s Strategic Priorities

GEP has identified six Strategic Priorities towards fulfilling its role, achieving its goal and delivering on its mandate. These are:

  •   Provision of efficient and timely financial support to SMMEs towards facilitating their development
  •   Provision of efficient and timely business development support to SMMEs towards increasing their professionalism and sustainability
  •   Contribute to the creation of an enabling environment for SMMEs growth and sustainability
  •   Identify business opportunities and enhance business facilitation and business partnerships for, and between SMMEs
  •   Facilitate increased SMME participation, including of women, youth and people with disabilities, in the Province’s economic growth sectors and GPG’s priority socio-economic development projects
  •   Ensure effective and efficient management of GEP