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Streamlining Support to SMMEs


Johannesburg – GEP would like to announce that effectively from 01 May 2016, all applications for financial and non-financial will now be assessed and analysed at Head Office and no longer at the regions. This move is geared towards addressing just and equitable provision of support to GEP clients.

In 2015, GEP identified barriers that derailed its sole mandate of supporting SMMEs and Co-operations in Gauteng Province and thus affecting the prospects of SMMEs contributing meaningfully to the economy of this province and South Africa. This was further exacerbated by poor turnaround times for client’s queries as well as lack of proper systems to trace applications.

To gain public confidence and change perceptions about GEP’s failure to assist SMMEs, the following tactics have been adopted:

  • Regional Offices: SMME’s and Cooperatives will continue to receive business advisory support from our Professional Information Officers. Applications for financial and none financial products will proceed to be vetted and assessed for viability. However, NO APPROVALS will be done at the Regional Offices.
  • The support in the form of information requirements to comply with applications, business plans, and related will continue to be provided in the Regional Offices.
  • GEP will no longer accept applications for approval outside the Public Process, that is, after the closure of a call for proposals. Those submitted outside this period will be registered, and only processed in the next round of call for proposal.
  • All proposals received through the public process will receive an acknowledgement letter within 14 days after the closing date. Decisions related to the outcome of the assessments will be sent to all applicants within 6 weeks post the last letter.

Ad-Hoc: GEP will process and adjudicate on adhoc proposals under the following conditions:

  • The proponent requires cash flow to service a contract
  • New accreditation requirement to increase revenue i.e. SABS, Health, etc.
  • Expansion as a result of growth of market

As part of changes at GEP, a new strategy has been developed which supports the notion that: ‘Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy-boosting productivity, creating employment and prosperity and revitalising our communities’.

For more information contact:

Thenjiwe Dube
Acting GM: Marketing and Communications
Tel: 011 085 2001